Haysboro Halloween Party Friday, DC is hosting GlamOWeen Saturday and more

Remember to look at http://www.wcscalgary.com for all the classes and events (and are lots) in Calgary!!

Upcoming WCS Dance Opportunities 

Happy Dancing!!!!
Its been a ton of fun helping out the community so it is with great sadness that we are DISCONTINUING Practice Wednesdays. Thank you to Dave for all his hard work and THANK YOU to all the great people that came out to hear my ‘free humble opinion’. See you on the dance floor

Practice Wednesday (Boinging&Kissing), Friday@Haysboro, Saturday@Shok

the week of Oct 19

Practice Wednesday – Laurie spent the weekend with Myles and Tessa learning the specifics of Boinging and Kissing in WCS. She’ll use these techniques along with our ‘phrased’ pattern to increase our connection to our partner and to the music. She will come with selected tunes to exhibit these techniques. This is going to be a ton of fun.

Friday – The regular Haysboro Friday dance at 8:30pm (but next Friday is our annual Halloween party so get your costume ready)

Saturday – Andrew hosts his Halloween Party at Ballroom and Country at 8:00pm