WCS Free Pizza, Pop & Snacks, TUNES!!!!!

free pizza party

* Besides pizza you’ll be INGESTING a super lesson building on the variables and styling from last Friday.
* Keith will be in the house to accept “early-bird price” registrations for your Extreme Swing ticket for NEXT weekend. www.extremeswing.ca
* Michael is spinning the tunes this Friday so plan to dance plenty.
If you are so inclined bring a sweet for the snack table.
Happy Dancing!!!
For those of you attending ExtremeSwing the following is a great read.

WCS Victoria Day Dance Party

victoria day May 20 2016 union jack

To commemorate Queen Victoria’s Birthday at The WCS Calgary Royal Blue Party!
Attire: Smart Casual (optional)
Time: 6:50pm
Lesson: More Variations and Styling to a phrase of Blues
Party: 8:30pm
Snacks: British party favorites!!
(contributions to the snack table are always welcome…)
Playlist: “Calgary” Mix with a bit of extra blues and maybe even a couple of “British Invasion” hits from years gone by!!

Last day for Early Bird pricing for Extreme Swing.  Extremeswing.ca

Superstitious WCS Bash this Friday the 13th


friday the 13thWe’re getting ‘Very Superstitious’! This week we’re taking a look at all kinds of superstitions on Friday The 13th !! What’s your favorite superstition?
The lesson includes a fun and challenging way to get rid of an evil curse or hex, as well as more fun variations and styling…Judy Curran is our Social Co-host AGAIN this week!!! We could definitely use a bit more help for this party… Anyone else willing to help Co-host?  Contact Dave Lawson via Facebook if you are interested.
Check out the snack table for some ‘superstitious’ treats… Look around the room for ‘superstitious’ items… Might even be a couple of ‘superstitious’ songs on the playlist!

CincoDeMayo Celebration

This Friday!!! NEW!!! Dave and Laurie will focus on Leader Move Variations with Follower Styling!!!
Sam and Rachelle take great care of NEW dancers!! BRING your friends. Share the love of WCS. Its the right thing to do.
More friends + more moves + more styling + more time to try it all out together = more fun for everyone!!
Ready to Spice it up a bit? Wear something, spicy, Mexican or “tropical tourist”.
Join us for a little taste of Mexico at the snack table and listen for a few “latin flavoured” WCS songs in the playlist.

Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of the underdog Mexican Army’s defeat of the occupying French Forces on May 5, 1862.

cinco de mayo  may 2016