WCS Canada Day Pop-Up Party

Canada day eventYup, We’re Popping up tomorrow – too many of us dancers need to dance tomorrow night so Pop-Up Parties is hosting a dance. We will be teaching an intermediate lesson with some cool ladies styling. We’ll also have a ‘Late Lunch’ (i.e more than just snacks). Please say you are ‘GOING’ to this event and share personally with all your friends. Lets celebrate Canada Day with DANCE!!!!!

WCS Calgary – Social/PR Team Opportunities

It’s all about Community Building Community!

As most of you know, since January Sam, Rachelle, Laurie and Dave have been actively coordinating the WCS Calgary Dance Parties, with the help of many others who have pitched in to make them so much fun! Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help! You made it possible!!

Over the last 6 months, WCS Calgary has hosted 21 successful Themed Parties, with an average of 55 people per night, and provided over $4000 in prizes and community development initiatives! More than 30 new Westies have been introduced to WCS dancing at our lessons and more are joining us every week!

It has been great fun creating and hosting the parties! And, we want the fun to continue in the Fall, but we need your help to keep doing it the way we have been. We need YOU to get involved!

Starting in September, Sam and Rachelle will continue to co-ordinate The Admin Team, Laurie will continue to lead The DJ Team, and Dave will continue to co-ordinate The Lesson Team, and we will all continue to teach the lessons, but… WCS Calgary needs a few fun-loving people for The Social/Public Relations Team.

If you like to create and host parties, you’ll love being on The Social/PR Team! If you like spreading the word about fun Parties, creating FB and website event posts and generally helping promote the awesome fun we have at WCS Calgary, the Social/PR Team is for you! If you can only pitch in to help out once in a while, this is how you can do it!!

We have streamlined everything that goes into creating these Parties, so your role need only involve an hour or two a week coordinating, preparing and promoting the Parties plus a few minutes at the start and end of each Party for set up and tidying up.

The more people involved, the more fun it is for everyone, please consider pitching in to keep WCS Calgary the fun, inclusive, dynamic and enjoyable playground that it has evolved into for our community.

Thank you for your support of WCS Calgary’s community building efforts!!

See you on the dance floor!!!

The WCS Calgary Team  info@wcscalgary.com

(if you are interested in getting involved contact Dave, Rachelle/Sam, or Laurie to attend a brief meeting in July)

NO ‘WCS Calgary’ for the next 3 Fridays

NO ‘WCS Calgary’ for the next 3 Fridays: June 24, July 1 (WCS Canada Day Pop-Up Party) and July 8.

The Ballroom and Country venue was not available for this Friday June 24.

Canada Day / the long weekend and the first Friday of Stampede we are not having dances.

WE ARE BACK July 15!!  Put us on your calendar!!!!

As always if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions – please contact Laurie at laurie_shafer@hotmail.com or 415-314-5161




WCS White/Black Night

Wow! 6 months in our new venue and going strong. Let’s celebrate with our annual White/Black Party.
Wear your white or black, bring a yummy snack (I’m a poet) and prepare to PARTY!!! The teaching team is pulling together some great moves that have you connect with your partner, move to the music and HAVE FUN!   Laurie is sharing a styling idea from Tessa!
Laurie has a playlist full of your favorites!
And as with most parties there will be TREATS!!!!!

Black and white night

Nov 18 WCS Lessons and DANCE PARTY

Lessons at 7:00, dance at 8:30 with GREAT tunes!  At Ballroom and Country 121 – 17 Avenue NE.  $10 for all this FUN!!!!  First Timers get in FREE.
Bring your water bottle. We’ll have some snacks too.

The evening starts with a warm up and then a class for the New Westie, a class for those Growing Westies and then the Westie Workshop more experienced Westies.

Make sure to invite your friends – we LOVE beginners!

Contact Laurie at laurie_shafer@hotmail.com with your questions.