March 3 Lessons & Dance

March 3_17.jpg

After a wonderful weekend learning from the best, let’s apply some of that musicality this Friday evening! Thank-you Mario & Stephanie Robau for sharing your talent with us, and a shout-out to our hosts of the All-Out Swing event, Gerald & Robyn of DancEnergy.

Feb 17 Lessons & Dance Party

Feb 17.jpg

What to do on a Friday night? West Coast Swing of course! There’s no better way to pump up the fun than an evening of lessons, dance, and socializing. To our regulars – bring a friend and introduce them to this awesome form of dance and an amazing group of people! Also, mark your calendars for the weekend of Feb 24-26 and join us for the All-Out Dance  event at DANCEnergy. (no dance at Ballroom & Country Feb 24th).