WCS Lessons, dance and May Birthdays


Wow, so many lovely folks last Friday sharing the love of WCS. And lots of new faces. Spring and Swing….they must go hand in hand. This Friday besides the amazing lessons for EVERY LEVEL we are also celebrating May birthday babies. Come and have a birthday dance with your friends new and old…

April 28 Lesson and Dance

gym I'd rather be west coasting

Are your New Year’s resolutions to get fit off track? Have you given up on the Gym? Try a form of exercise that is sustainable because it is fun – DANCE! One source estimates that West Coast Swing will burn about 384 +/- cal/hour (based on a 150 lb dancer of average fitness level). Strengthen, tone, improve posture and balance – these are just some of the many health benefits of dance. Join us on Friday evenings at Ballroom and Country at 7:00 for the lesson and at 8:30 for the dance!  First Timers get in FREE.