FEB 24 : Westie Weekend Pop-Up Party



Hey Folks!!

It’s time for another WCS Pop-Up Party…

It’s always the ‘worst kept’ secret in town!!

The Big Secret?
…We’ll be doing a Westie Weekend Pop-Up Party on the last weekend every month until May!

It’s a Weekend of
every month!
Friday WCS Calgary Dance Parties
Saturday WCS Pop-Up Parties and
Sunday 4-6pm WCS Practices

Tell your friends and join the fun for the
first monthly Westie Weekend Pop-Up Party on
Saturday, February 24th!!

And mark your calendar for
Saturday March 24th…
Saturday April 28th…
Saturday May 26th…

7pm Sign in for 7:15 Westie Workshop
8pm Pop-Up Party!!
$10/person or $5 for W3 participants

Birthdays and win Tickets to DE’s Country and WCS dance

birthdays, Feb 10 dance at DE

Wow, the lessons were packed – we had 13 couples in New Westies, 9 couples in Growing Westies and 6 couples in Westie Workshop. This is amazing. So many folks interested in WCS ….AND then we had dancing til past midnight. Lets repeat this Friday but with a few more items on the agenda – we’re celebrating February Birthdays AND you could win tickets for the DE Country and WCS dance Feb 10. We got great reviews on our playlist so we’re building a similar list for this Friday. Come and dance with us!!!

Sunday Open Practice dates – 4pm – 6pm

dance in my car

Hosted by Dave and Laurie at Ballroom and Country 127 – 17 Ave NE.  $5 for W3 students, $10 for all others.  Lets have fun and work on our dancing!!!

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