August 31st – Add Tango Styling to your WCS!


This Friday Sam and Rachelle will begin their 6 week teaching series that will incorporate some TANGO STYLING into your West Coast Swing! Each week will build on the previous week’s material so you will get the most of this session if you attend all 6 weeks. New Westie and Growing Westie classes will continue at the same time – so come join us in the class that you think is most suitable for you!

Aug 24 – Let’s dance!!!!

Aug 24Cross training is useful even in dancing. Something NEW!
Next Friday Aug 31 Sam and Rachelle will be hosting a 6 week series where they will be incorporating some tango styling figures into your WCS. Are you ready?
THIS Friday we will have our regular classes AND on top of all this we will have super music and great snacks and some out of town visitors including Therese from Scandinavia!!