WCS Meets Lindy – Nov 29

LIndy Westie cross over Nov29 2020

The Growing Westie and Westie Workshop folks are getting a treat – a Lindy and WCS cross over lesson.

New Westies will have Dave leading them into their passes and pushes.
AND Sam and Rachelle are back from their 3 weeks in Japan.
Come and welcome them home.
First timers – FREE.  Always a few yummy snacks.  And great tunes!!!
Bring a friend!!!

Lesson tonight – Whip w a ride!!

WE have the amazing Corey and Emma teaching our New Westie class!!!  Bring your friends.

Laurie and Tim will be teaching/reviewing WHIPS with the Growing Westie class.

OF COURSE we will work on technique……Laurie loves technique…….
Then have some fun adding a RIDE (followers choice) to your whip!

See you tonight!!!!

November 15th – BIG PARTY ‘n little Texas BBQ!


Guess who’s leavin’ li’l ol’ Cowtown for BIG ol’ TEXAS? A couple friends with BIG hearts whose contributions ain’t been little – from helpin’ out ’round our little parties to teachin’ us some BIG moves! This Friday let’s give ’em a BIG PARTY ‘n a little Texas BBQ!

Come on out for a whole lot of DANCING, a bit of food, and a ton of FUN!

  • 7 pm – doors open with guest instructors Atlas & Kyla
  • 8:30 – WCS dance
  • 9:30 – Texas BBQ with pulled pork and fixin’s

November 8th – Last lesson by Trace!


Join us this Friday for a last lesson with Trace! We knew it wasn’t going to be forever, but we are very GRATEFUL to have had him in Canada for as long as we have. Thank you Trace for the generous contribution you have made to our community – the time, effort and thought you put into your lessons, lots of great DANCES, and just being a cool guy to hang out with on a Friday night! And…MARK YOUR CALENDAR’S people – November 15th will be Trace & Darla’s last night with us – time to PARTY and CELEBRATE the new chapter of their lives south of the border!


WCS Calgary!!!! Goodies for snack table purchased! Even some Black Forest Cake.  Amazing playlist created! Costumes fitted! No costume – no problem.  Decorations ready! $150 cash burning a hole in my pocket! First and second place for costume contest!! Its going to be a great party!!!!! Lessons at 7 for all levels.  Dance at 8:30.  Bring your friends and remember First Timers get in FREE.