No Haysboro this week, instead, Practice Wednesday

I hope you’re having a great Tuesday. I’m still floating on the high from Free WCS Beginner Friday at Haysboro.  A wonderful crowd presented with great lessons from local pros Andrew Oprychal of ShokDance and Keith Armbruster.  Thank you both so much for volunteering your time towards our WCS community!!!!


First off – there is NO dance this Friday at Haysboro.  We are all attending Extreme Swing instead.  Next Friday June 12 Keith is teaching at Haysboro and then June 19 WCSwing Calgary hosts the season end WHITE PARTY.  Wear white and bring an appetizer or dessert.  A wonderful night of fun and dance.  Then we take a break until September 10.

We’ve got a busy WCS week ahead starting with

 – Wednesday Practice from 7 – 9 at for just $5. My friend Larisa Tingle (amazing All Star dancer and popular DJ) from San Diego will be helping out and spinning tunes. We’re also having birthday cake and then social dancing.  Here is a sample of her amazing dancing.
– Thursday night at 7:00 pm Benji Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance fame will be teaching at Cowboys on behalf of  $10 in advance or $15 at the door gets you the lesson and dancing for the night. Keith has coordinated with their DJ so the main style of music will be WCS.

– Friday evening ExtremeSwing begins at 6 pm.   See for all the details.  At 7 pm there is a FREE FREE FREE WCS class taught by the amazing Robert Royston.  You want to invite ALL your friends.  It is an amazing opportunity to have a free lesson from one of the WORLD’s WCS best.
As always contact me if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions!!!!
Happy dancing!!!
Remember to check for ALL WCS news in Calgary!!