Jun 19&20: WCSwing White Party + ShokDance Party

Friday Jun 19: WCSwing End of Season Dance – WHITE PARTY

Saturday Jun 20: ShokDance Monthly Party

This Friday Dave and Laurie will review TWO of the great techniques taught at ExtremeSwing.ca. Robert Royston shared Resisted Release (a feature of connection) and Deborah Szekely shared her technique for ‘6 and ah 1’. Dave and Laurie will tie these together and present them in moves you already know. Its going to be great fun!!

Also, put June 19 in your calendar. You want to wear WHITE and bring an appetizer or dessert!! We will have a fun drill for you at 7:30 and then the dance starts at 8:30. This is our Season End Party. We take a break for the summer but are having dances July 10 and Aug 7. And then we resume Sept 11 with Ben McHenry teaching the class!!

Back to June Andrew is having a dance June 20 with the lesson starting at 7:00.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Laurie at laurie_shafer@hotmail.com or 415-314-5161