Wednesday – FlashMob 6 – 8, Regular Practice 8 – 9 then dance, Friday Haysboro 7:30, Saturday Shok 7:00

A busy week for dance!!!
For the next 8 weeks Gerald and Andrew will be teaching the International Flash Mob Dance from 6 – 8 at DancEnergy.  Lots of technique will be weaved into the lesson so it will be a GREAT way to practice.
(the demo starts at around 4 minutes).  $40 for the 8 weeks or $8 per evening to drop in.  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!
We will continue with our regular Practice Wednesday from 8:00 til 9:00 and then attend the dance until 10:00 for only $5. Where: DancEnergy, 1305 33 st NE
WCSwing Calgarys lesson this Friday at 7:30 at Haysboro will REVOLVE (pun intended) around – turns and turn technique (drills and more drills), frame (and some drills here too), and hand hold as we teach you to move thru your dance.
BEGINNERS – And this week we have Dave​ taking care of all of your friends that are new to WCS and want to come out and try the dance. Please share this invite with your friends, family, coworkers, cashier at the store, kids, etc. This dance is for everyone!!
The dance starts at 8:30.
Where: Haysboro Community Hall 1204 – 89 Avenue SW
AND Saturday Shok/Andrew is hosting a dance at Ballroom and Country starting at 7:00 with a lesson!!!  Only $10


Remember to refer to for everything WCS in the area!!!!

Please pass your comments and suggestions to me!  And forward this email to all your friends that are interested in dance.  There are cool things gelling in our community!!

Laurie Shafer