$5 Practice Wed, Floor time Friday, Haysboro

Another great week for WCS in Calgary.  Wednesday there is the $5 Guided Practice from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at DancEnergy.  This week we will be reviewing the Starter Step!  And of course we’ll share a bunch of other great information.

Friday we have something new to offer – 
The Haysboro dance floor is available for the hour before all Friday WCS Calgary dances!!! 
October till June – 7:15 to 8:30.
To secure this space for the season we need a minimum of 20 people signed up/paid up at $60 by Sept 25 (cash). This makes you a Member of the  FloorTime Fridays Group. You can use the floor and time for WHATEVER you like: (okay there are limits – no streaking – but it does not HAVE to be WCS)
Champions in all sports practice until they CAN’T do it WRONG.  One extra hour per week will improve your skills and your fun!!
The possibilities are endless:
  • solo practice – skills, drills, routines, footwork, etc. (ex. Andrew’s teaching a Technique class each Monday with lots of drills)
  • with a partner you bring/arrange to meet – partnering skills (i.e. partner drills like the ones at Bameo or from Wednesday practices, etc)
  • for couples/team/group/ProAm routines – i.e. routines for Calgary Dance Stampede 2016, Tango, Country
  • or work off instructional videos that you bring – I have DVDs I can share if you bring your laptop
  • or work in front of the mirrors – rhythm variations, lines, dynamics, styling, etc
  • and, as a group we can decide if we want to have ‘special’ themed evenings.
Membership has it’s privileges! An average of about $2/hour for practice time!!!  Throughout the season there may be unique benefits offered to you, such as bring a friend for free days, subsidized discounts at dance parties, special events, etc.
If more than 20 sign up, a rebate may be coming back to you after the rent has been paid.
The WCS Calgary dance afterwards is still only $7 for everyone…
Contact Laurie at 415-314-5161 or on FB or at laurie_shafer@hotmail.com or comment on the forum if you have any questions or suggestions!