Jan 15, Lesson@7, Practice@8, dance 8:30

Wow!!! Our New Year started off with a BANG!!! It was amazing to see so many taking the lessons, helping each other discover and feel WCS and having so much fun at the dance Party.
Together we can all make 2016 an awesome year of great parties at WCSwing Calgary!!
This week is “Favourite Top or T-shirt Night”!!!! Wear a Top or T with a story behind it!!
New Venue – Ballroom & Country – THE WHOLE TOP FLOOR @ 127 17 Avenue NE (Street parking available within a couple of blocks, including west just across Centre Street or south across 16th Avenue).  
New Lessons + 1/2 hr Practice – 7:00 to 8:30 every Friday
January 15 join us for week two of the New Lesson Program. We’ll start with a warm up/review to bring our newer dancers up to speed and then add onto that for everyone!
The Party begins at 8:30 with music by Michael Yu and Laurie Shafer, and pop, chips and other treats on the snack bar! Want to contribute something to share? Bring it along…
IMPORTANT – For your calendar – No WCSwing Calgary Friday Dance on these w/e’s:
All-Out Swing Feb 26-28 with Mario/Steph and Ben/Cameo,
Calgary Dance Stampede  April 8 – 10  – Gary McIntyre, Myles and Tessa
Xtreme Swing  June 3-5  with Benji, Melissa Rutz, Deborah, and Robert Royston 
p.s.  We’re looking for a couple of people with good communications skills.  Can you help out with this?
p.s.s. January 15 is also Michael Yu’s birthday…………We’d be thrilled if you came out to help us celebrate with him!!