Volunteer Opportunities at CDS

Have you ever considered giving back a little of your time to the dance community? Many of you have in the past and we’d like to invite you to come and join a great team of volunteers this year and help support the Calgary Dance Stampede and your local dance community.


With April fast approaching, we are looking forward to putting together another great team and working with all of you to make this year the best ever!

Volunteers are required throughout each day so please let us know what hours and which duties you would be interested in volunteering for? Many volunteers will donate one, two or even several hours of their time during the event simply to be involved. But for those who donate their time beyond a “casual level”, we’d like to show our appreciation with more than just a heartfelt thank-you. We will be happy to offer you valuable event incentives including the possibility of getting your Calgary Dance Stampede weekend pass for free. Please check with our volunteer coordinators for more information.

Here are just some of the volunteer positions we need to fill;
  • Check for wrist bands & tickets at the door for admissions to the event, workshops and social dances throughout the weekend.
  • Assist with setting up the main ballroom dance floor on Thursday night and Friday morning before the event starts.
  • Assist with setting up decorations on Thursday night and Friday morning before the event starts.
  • Seating of guests before the Campfire Ball Dinner and Show on Saturday night.
  • Assist with tearing down the main ballroom dance floor after the event on Sunday afternoon.
  • Assist with cleaning up after the event on Sunday afternoon.
  • Help in providing transportation for all our out-of-town “Outlaw” staff to/from the airport/hotel on Friday and Sunday.
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Please go to our “Get Involved” page at www.calgarydancestampede.com and fill out the volunteer form.


Any time you can offer is greatly appreciated !

Thank you,

Boun Tea & Nicole Hankel

Volunteer Coordinator Team