W3 Int/Adv Workshop Weekend. Registration Deadline June 30th!

mario weekend

W3 Int/Adv Workshop Weekend
Featuring Mario “Swing Daddy” Robau

• Limited Spots Available
• Balanced Numbers of Leads/Follows
(please sign up with someone in the opposite role)
• Partner Rotation During Workshops
• Prerequisite – a good Autopilot
• For Social and Competitive Dancers

Your “Mario Pass” Includes:

Saturday, July 28 = WCS Pop-Up Party and MARIO Workshop at 8pm
7:30pm Doors Open

Sunday, July 29 = 6 Mario Workshops
11:30am to 6:30pm, including Light Lunch at 1:30pm

$125/person – sign up with someone in the opposite role
To Register: laurie_shafer@hotmail.com or on FB messenger

Hosted by Dave Lawson and Laurie Shafer
At Ballroom & Country, 121 17th Ave NE, Calgary
In association with WCS Calgary, WCS Pop-Up Parties and