Mario Review and Practice Aug 12

mario review aug 12

W3/Mario Recap with Dave & Laurie

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the W3 Program and everyone who also joined us for the awesome W3/Mario Workshop Weekend that just passed!

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that awesome instruction is useless without implementation…

This W3/Mario Recap session is designed for you!

We will be reviewing Mario’s content together, integrating it into what we worked on in W3 and help you with adding it into your WCS skill set during the practice.

Format will be the same as for all of our other W3 Sunday’s.

Noon to 4pm – 3 hours of Westie Workshops, with Dave and Laurie reviewing everything Mario covered, and practice breaks between


4 to 6pm – 2 hour Guided Practice for implementation after.

As always we’ll have a mid-afternoon snack break to keep us firing on all cylinders…

Once we’re done, if you like, we’ll also do a ‘field trip’ to Blues Can for a bite and a beverage, to put it all into action to a bit of live blues!

$45/person – no partner required
(Includes Guided Practice 4-6pm)

Contact Laurie Shafer to Register

$10 Drop-in Guided Practice only