Re: WCS Calgary and Coronavirus

important wcs message graphic

Although it is impossible to guarantee a virus-free environment, WCS Calgary has decided to continue the Friday dances for the time being. We will continue monitoring the developments here in Alberta and will follow all precautions and directives from the Health authorities, as well as general common sense, in deciding about each week’s dance.

We believe that your decision whether or not to suspend your social dancing is a personal choice and fully understand if anyone decides not to come out. No explanations, regrets or apologies are necessary.

We ask anyone who has any signs of cold or flu, even minor ones, to please stay home and take care of yourself. If you or any close contact of yours has been travelling in the last couple of weeks, especially to any place with a significant presence of the virus or close contact with a lot of other people, such as airports, large dance events, cruises or conventions, please carefully consider whether or not it’s safer for all of us for you to take a couple of weeks off from our parties.

If you are coming out, please understand that none of us wants to get sick and we would like to ask that you help us keep each other healthy by taking a few precautions:

1. Avoid handshakes/hugs when greeting each other. Fist or elbow bumps or waves are the currently recommended substitutes.

2. Wash your hands (30 seconds) or use hand sanitizer often, after every few dances and any time you use the washroom, throughout the evening.

3. Avoid touching your face, mouth or nose and if you notice yourself doing it, use sanitizer right away and try again.

4. Cough or sneeze into a tissue and dispose of it immediately and then wash your hands or use sanitizer.

5. If you’re coughing or sneezing frequently during the evening, for all of our sakes, please consider leaving the dance. We’ll look forward to seeing you next time!

6. Bring your own water bottle/travel mug for water or other beverages. Avoid handling other people’s containers.

7. If you use any plates/cups/napkins/plastic cutlery, etc please dispose of them yourself when you’re done with them.

8. Avoid close face to face proximity when talking to each other.

9. Smile, dance and most of all have fun!

We are blessed to have such a wonderful, inclusive and thoughtful dance family and look forward to continuing with Friday dances as long as it seems reasonably safe to do so. See you on the dance floor!!