Aug 21st – WCS Calgary Outdoor Dance!

YAY!! Sam and Rachelle have, for a 3rd time, invited WCS Calgary to host an outdoor “Socially Distanced WCS Partner Dance”, as their guests, at their private gated Community Park! Thank you Sam and Rachelle!!
NEW RULE: If you want to add ONE additional MUTUALLY AGREED UPON leader OR follower to your partnership to dance ONLY within your ‘partnership bubble’, please let Dave know and then YOU WILL ALL register together to reserve one slot, as a ‘bubble’, on the same form. As before, with the exception of these NEW 3 PERSON PARTNERSHIP BUBBLES, there will be no other switching between separately registered partnerships.
$5 donation requested. There will be a can to drop it in on the stage steps. Your generosity is appreciated!
We can STILL only have 40 people and we are STILL following all the venue and event rules, such as keeping 2m social distance between all partnerships at all times… but, hey, let’s keep doing it right to keep it going!
If you’ve BEEN BEFORE, in the same partnership, please EMAIL DAVE “We’re in!” ASAP, same email as last time, and we’ll get you registered.
If this is your FIRST TIME at these events and you have a close contact to dance exclusively with in a WCS lead/follow partnership, or someone who’s mutually willing to do so for this event… please MESSAGE (or text) your EMAIL ADDRESS to Dave Lawson ASAP. He’ll send you the details on how it works and how to reserve your partner slot for this event.
This is an adult partner dance event only and limited to 40 guests, so we won’t be able to accommodate drop-ins, solos etc. Get registered NOW and we’ll see you there!!